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jars filled with different colored liquids and text that reads calm down jars 101 with 17 calming diy recipes
How to make a calm down jar: 17 DIY calm down jar recipes we love
A calm down jar offers a fabulous way for kids (and for adults!) with special needs like autism, sensory processing disorder, OCD, and anxiety to learn the art of self-regulation. We’re teaching you what calm down jars are, and how and why they work, and we’re also sharing 17 DIY calm down jar recipes you can make at home for cheap. We’ve even included some glitter-free calm down jars to inspire you to be creative!
Rainbow Discovery Bottle
This rainbow discovery bottle or rainbow sensory bottle is a perfect addition to a rainbow theme, weather theme, or while learning about St. Patricks Day. But honestly, I think rainbows are best to study about any day of the year! They’re a fantastic addition to any preschool curriculum.
three glass jars filled with different types of sticks and nuts in front of the caption reads, rainbowstick sensory bottles
How to Make a Rainstick Musical Sensory Craft for Kids! (VIDEO)
Rain stick sensory bottles
a jar filled with sticks next to a red wall
Best Diy Kids Science Sensory Play Ideas
Best Diy Kids Science Sensory Play Ideas #diy
two plastic bottles with different colored beads in them next to each other on a white surface
Contact Support
A rainbow sensory bottle that is beautiful to look at and fun to enjoy. This bottle was inspired by the separation that occurs when you mix water and oil. I found myself wondering, “well, wha…
a glass jar filled with white rice sitting on top of a wooden table
Really Fun Sensory Bottles
The Bender Bunch: Really Fun Sensory Bottles
two plastic bottles with rainbow colored confetti in them and the words diy rainbow tornado
DIY Rainbow Tornado Sensory Bottle
DIY Rainbow Tornado Sensory Bottle
the abc's of good character poster with colorful letters and numbers on white paper
ABC's of Good Character - iMOM
ABC's of Good Character need to go and find verses to match and teach alongside each trait.
What is Mindfulness? Counselling Activities, What Is Mindfulness, Set Boundaries, Counseling Activities, Mindfulness For Kids, Counseling Resources, Group Therapy, Mental Training, Mindfulness Activities
Self-Esteem Self-Help Resources - Information Sheets & Workbooks
What is Mindfulness?
rocks with the words how to prepare rocks for painting
How to easily prepare rocks for painting amazing stones
Learn how to prepare rocks and stones for painting. Yes, there is a step from buying rocks to paint and actually painting them. Check out these 4 easy tips. #howtopaintrocks #howtoprepparerocks #rockpainting101 #rockpaintingforbeginners #rockpaintingtips #stonepainting #paintedpebbles #howtowasrocks #rockpaintng101
black and white painted rocks with flowers on them are arranged in a pattern that looks like snowflakes
Jennifer Wilfong Fine Art