In Paityn and Meredith are going to conquer the red planet, Mars.

Of butterflies and astronauts

You were meant to live a fully loved, passionate, fun, exhilarating life. Connect to your soul source for you cannot run from what is true. Try as you may, you are not honoring your souls love.

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The universe is in your hands photo art

Rains of Terror on Exoplanet HD

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Sand and stars

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now I'm seriously tired.

thirst-for-wonder: “ by joejesus @ deviantart ”

And here are some detailed parts of the pictu.

A tribute to an alien. (for those, who actually don't read (that would mean that it's pointless to write this either - lol) - it. Son of Daedalus

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Aftermath Echoes by JoeyJazz on DeviantArt