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1960, artist Robert McGinnis. Cover art for the book 'Murder Me For Nickels'

Robert McGinnis Is there anything more sexy than a pair of beautiful legs up on a piano? Makes me want to take piano lessons! The piano player obviously doesn& need that sheet music, as he is focused on the lady.

Eat Your Heart Out (2012) by Carey Costa [PHOTOGRAPHY]

irving penn still life cigarette. I like that this images sends out a message to its audience. For example, I think that it could represent the fact that all our processed food can be just as deadly as a cigarette

2002 — 2015: Фотосессии | 1 984 фотографии

Chloe Moretz - ASOS Magazine December 2011 If you love photography we have a special collection just for photgraphy lovers and vloggers alike. We're always adding new items so you can "capture the moment"!