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Braun Design, Industrial Design, Dieter Rams, Product Design

Braun Electrical, Dieter Rams, Audio, Window

Braun Electrical, Dieter Rams, Household, Design Products

Braun ABR 21 clock + transitor radio designed by Dieter Rams + Dietrich Lubs

M 12 Multiquirl, Designed by Gerd Alfred Müller, 1963

Braun electrical - Print material / artwork - Braun last edition off-set litho print portfolio (black box)

Braun electrical - Household - AW 20 (black face w/o numerals)

Braun has always paid attention to their design (Phillips missed that:-)) - Although these are not Dieter Rams they´re simple and beautiful.

Braun Electrical, Dieter Rams, Household

Braun SK 2 / - SV The principle of modularity dominates the early period of Braun audio design. Between the years 1955 – 1970 its application moved through three distinct phases. Of these, the PC phonograph shown on this page belongs to the second.