'tutorial for mirrors'

Tutorial: Indian Shisha (mirror) Embroidery

Tutorial: Indian Shisha (mirror-work) embroidery, diy, handmade, needlework, how-to I remember wearing shirts that had these cute Shisha embroidery on them.

cuff detail on raglan sleeve coat

Turn-back Cuff on Raglan Sleeve with Two Buttons & Twisted Loop Detail .

Perfect Collar points - Off The Cuff ~Sewing Style~: October 2012. Was very dissatisfied with the point on a collar I just made; must try this.

Gotta try this! Off The Cuff ~Sewing Style~: Perfect Collar Points.A Shirtmaker's "Secret" Technique

Вся соль в изнанке! / Фотофорум / Burdastyle

beautiful lining / seam finishing - from Russian Burdastyle

Los bucles de novia/Rouleau bucles y Botones de Novia/Botones cubierto de tela in Artesanías, Costura y tela, Costura | eBay

Bridal Loops / Rouleau Loops and Fabric Covered Buttons / Bridal Buttons

Bridal Loops / Rouleau Loops and Fabric Covered Buttons / Bridal Buttons in Crafts, Sewing & Fabric, Sewing

add sleeve heads following instructions from Claire Schaeffer’s Couture Sewing Techniques book. These should hopefully help the sleeves keep their shape for many years to come. Following instructions on page 156-157, I cut two strips of silk organza roughly 8.5″ by 1.5″ (top left above).

Finally! The Italian Riviera Peplum

Italian peplum tail dress with sleeve head info using Claire Schaeffer's "Couture Sewing Techniques".

Обработка разреза на юбке

To reinforce where a slit in a skirt stops to eliminate a stress tear.

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