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Кристина Давыденко
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Marina and the Diamonds. FROOT

Blue Froot Album Song: Blue Song Lyrics are very popular in these days. Blue song is sung by Marina and the Diamonds and taken from Froot album.

Small Love Bites Fangs

I'm sure the family would love me for encouraging my niece's vampire obsession.what's an appropriate gift for a vampire loving, goth dressing, lover of all things freakish and weird, teenage girl.

Lana Del Rey #LDR

(Open Rp)(LANA//ultraviolence): I lean against the wall, breathing heavily. I hear footsteps echo of the walls and I hold up my gun.


tribute to my fav band and just a awesome piece of art in itself, imagine it would look nice black and white as a tattoo.

Die Antwoord Yolandi Vi$$er via Suicide Blonde

Why do performers who get nothing but attention (& unwanted papperazi) feel the need to expose themselves?

Die Antwoord

How tall is Yolandi Visser? Yolandi Visser height is around or 155 cm. How much does Yolandi Visser weigh? Yolandi Visser weighs 96 lbs 45 kg.