make your self feel woolly inside and relieve exam stress with this cool cute pic of owl babies Where do these people live? I want to live in a place where owls are apparently available by the handful.

Весёлые картинки - Страница 218

Весёлые картинки - Страница 218

baby owl

Sweet Little Owl, one of my other favorite animals. Even though I hate birds lol, they are majestic.

Собака и сова, которые не могут жить друг без друга

The Unlikely Friendship Of A Dog And An Owl by A Professional Animal Photographer Tanja Brandt

20 pictures that owls can be proud of

walkingonsmoke: “thefingerfuckingfemalefury: “ catsbeaversandducks: “ Owls Are Flying Cats ” That’s why everyone is fond of owls… ” Aww!


All I want in life is a sleepy saw-whet owl in my hands.