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Mamauki Coffee House: branding and packaging design by Aja Marie Johnson. Curator’s Insight: Mamauki Coffee House is a good example of how the shape of the labels, illustrations and typography can make a big difference in creating a unique and catchy brand identity that attracts consumers who want something more than just coffee. Aja Marie Johnson did an amazing job of bringing the brand to life and making it look gorgeous. #packaging #graphicdesign #branding #coffeedesign #designinspo Gin, Layout Design, Packaging, Rum, Mock Up, Coffee Packaging, Coffee Branding, Coffee Branding Design, Coffee Design
Mamauki Coffee House Packaging + Design Project
an open box of orange juice sitting on top of a pile of oranges
Adding A Sunny Disposition To A Market That's Otherwise Stagnant
a box of coffee that is pink and blue with the words, it's little's double chocolate
Nespresso® Compatible Flavoured Coffee Capsules | Little's
a black and white poster with the words monochrome on it
13+ Product Flyer Design Ideas, Examples & Templates - Daily Design Inspiration #40
In this edition of the Daily Design Inspiration, we are going to look at some product flyer examples from Saatchi & Saatchi, Bureau Borsche, and a few from our own Venngage designers.
four matches are lined up on a table
a close up of a bottle of wine with gold foil on the top and bottom
Bulletproof Creates Revolutionary Branding for Fort Hamilton
two brown and black flasks sitting next to each other
50 Creative Logos & Branding Designs for Craft Breweries
El Galpon de Tacuara Craft Brewery by Santi Lissarrague
a can of beer with the word orion written in japanese and english on it
black raven updraaf pale ale beer can on a white background with an ornate border around it
three cans with red and white designs on them
Yeah We Can
three beer cans sitting on top of a wooden table
Olde Mother Brewing Co.
an open can of aeronat beer next to a label for the brand's new product
Fuerst Wiacek