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a pencil is sticking out of the shape of an eight - sided object with writing on it
3D Typography by Jenue | Inspiration Grid
an advertisement for design is funny with three circles
Design is Funny - Awwwards SOTD
Elementz Diamond Logo Animation
Elementz logo animation in Cinema 4D. You can fin the full tutorial on Patreon, click the link bellow!
a woman with her hands on her face wearing a green headpiece
Mantis XSS8, by Cassiopeus
Mantis XSS8, by Cassiopeus : NFT
a white sculpture sitting on top of a table with lots of balls in it's hair
Bold Bands of Paint Bisect Playful Sculptures of Carved Wood by Willy Verginer — Colossal
the letters x and o are stacked in a box
Framed / Artwork Series
pencils are arranged in the shape of letters and numbers
Pablo Delcan SVA Subway Poster
Pablo Delcan Delcan and Company/Visual arts press Speak with one voice. Communicate don't decorate. Make what you need, don't scavenge.
the word love is written in 3d letters on a white surface with a light coming from behind it
La Tipografía como base del diseño. Diseño de fonts.
the word joy is spelled in white letters on a yellow background with an artistic twist
Los diseños de Marc Urtasun - Área Visual
Área Visual - Blog de Arte y Diseño: Los diseños de Marc Urtasun
3d Street Art, 3d Artwork, 3d Design, Isometric Design, 3d Illustration, Cg Art
Nonsense in 3D N°111-120
an abstract white background with geometric shapes and objects in the middle, including a round object
Facebook Year on Review