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Бумажные птицы Дианы Бельтран - Как это сделано, как это работает, как это устроено

Cockerel for Vietnam. 2015 Photography: Victoria Holguin and Diana Beltran Herrera With the assistance of: Daniela Romero Franco and Paola Ramirez Quinceno Graphic design: Daniela Romero Franco - Diana Beltran Herrera

L'art du papier #2 : 100 créations incroyables & originales à découvrir…

Colombian artist Diana Beltran Herrera creates amazing birds paper sculptures only with her two hands. With accessories, she manages to realize paper birds and to reproduce the beauty of many birds’ species’ flight. To discover.

Incredible paper sculptures by Calvin Nicholls

Calvin Nicholls - paper sculpture artist Calvin has been creating his paper sculptures since 1986 from his studio north of Toronto Ontario, Canada. Working with sheets of paper and a scalpel, he cuts the component pieces to fit the final drawing and ass

Paper sculpture

Using scissors, glue, and an X-ACTO knife, Calvin Nicholls forms intricate paper sculptures that look as though they are about to come alive!

Artisan Hardware // Sliding Barn Doors // Barn Door Hardware

Artisan Hardware // Sliding Barn Doors // Barn Door Hardware