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In Slavic folklore (In Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic) Koschei is an…

Koschei- Slavic myth: an old, skeletal, immortal man who abducts the hero's…

Lela, Slavic Goddess of the Forest

Lela is the Slavic Goddess of the Forest; She takes care of the forest creatures and those people who seek shelter in the woods.

Drekavac: A Slavic creature that screams in the night and has been said to wander the Zlatibor Mountains and mutilate sheep. Sightings have been recorded as recent as 2003. Illustration: Spektralni Drekavak from

Serbo-Croatian pronunciation: [drɛkaʋats], literally "the screamer"), also called drek and drekalo are mythical creatures in south Slavic mythology.