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Why Littlefinger Made That Face When Bran Mentioned 'Chaos' On 'Game Of Thrones'

LOVE TRIANGLE? The hell is that?    Ringers don't need it baby, and that's how we roll in the shire, cuz LOTR doesn't need Love triangles, it's epic WITHOUT'em.    And no, Eowyn and Aragorn never happened, no love triangles there, so...    LOTR=My childhood, my life.  My childhood, my life= WIN

Now that deal with Aragorn & Eowyn wasn't really a triangle. Eowyn liked Aragorn but he didn't feel the same way. Not to mention that Arwen didn't even know Eowyn existed for most of the ordeal, from what we've seen, anyway.


From the impending Star Wars: Celebration VI comes this awesome piece of art called “Scoundrels” featuring Harrison Ford in his two most beloved roles at the same time! Artist credit goes to William O’Neill.

Now so much that my friend has mentioned about ASoIaF makes sense!

The wall was built to protect the white walkers from STANNIS BARATHEON XD best meme compilation ever