Валерий Лукашенок

Валерий Лукашенок

Валерий Лукашенок
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Standard Vulcan script as described by Briht'un on Korsaya.org. View the original page; the amount of detail is staggering! The dialect used on the site comes almost entirely from the work of Mark R. Gardner, and others at the Vulcan Language Institute.

Vulcan Alphabet Standard Script (clearly Vulcans are half Japanese, half Korean with smidgeons of Thai and Arabic thrown in for style - :D )

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I like that each vowel SOUND gets its own symbol. Ponder this when creating alphabets for imaginary worlds

had one

crossconnectmag: “ Beautiful Paintings from Kenta Torii A selection of the creations of Japanese artist Kenta Torii, currently based in Mexico, who creates some amazing and beautiful paintings as.

The Ravens Of Antimony Wolf Of Antimony's alphabet of desire

The ravens of antimony is an alphabet of desire that I have engineered. "The Ravens" is how I usually referred to all letters primarily.

Chevy Engine Timing Chain and Gear Wall Clock, 10:10.

Chevy Engine Timing Chain and Gear Wall Clock Tyler would love this!