Зеркало Души

Зеркало Души

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Зеркало Души
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Minnie and Minnie

Minnie and Minnie

ВедаМост: ПРОЦВЕТАНИЕ - Как это сделать на Земле? (полная версия на русском)

Made with Apophysis by Thanks in advance for viewing or faving as I may not be able to thank individually. I deeply appreciate your suppor. Flower of Life

Sacred Geometry, Mandala art, Flower of Life, Meditation map,

With 12 Points and 12 rings in each point this Sacred Geometry Mandala has a foundation of 144 rings. The division into 3 sections represents the symbolism of the trinity, strength and equilibrium. The 12 represents, complex stabilit

I Like It Nice And Pure...Always From Here To Infinity !... http://samissomarspace.wordpress.com

Twirl animation clip from Incendia EX IV by It was rendered on the lowest resolution so there is some interesting aliasing going on as it spins! The thumbnail is really strange.

Fibonacci Sequence ~ the Platonic Solids ~ Sacred Geometry

We now come to the final pairing,the icosahedron (Water) and the dodecahedron (Quintessence),these differ markedly from the previous solids in that they are dependent upon a new template in order to manifest within the Fibonacci numbers.