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Ghost Ship Mobile UI Kit

It is really interesting looking at UI kits, seeing how the same content can be laid out multiple times. Ghost Ship Mobile UI Kit Published by Maan Ali

Material UI Kit

Whitepaper IT is a leading mobile UI/UX design and development company which designing UI/UX for handhelds and structural development of design works for customers.

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Free cross-platform UI kit for Photoshop and Sketch | InVision

Free cross-platform UI kit for Photoshop and Sketch InVision Pinned for transparent form fields.

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UI Kit, with over 120 iOS 8 screens in 7 different categories, this kit is surely what you need for your next app design!

Empty State by Jayla Wang

Empty State

When starting with a new mobile app, we come across a few empty state screens. It is a state where there is no content to be shown as yet, in situations like zero-data state and first-use state. Other times, an error screen can also be considered an empty