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Because with AALLLL the BEDONKERS things in Gravity Falls going on, they still make Bipper, A possessed creature of pain and suffering, and yet they made the Northwest wear seatbelts. At least they are acknowledging safety

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This was beautiful, until I saw the way Grunkle Stan was drawn. I'm sorry to however drew this, but it's true.

Star vs the forces of evil

Tom - Star vs the force of evil


Star vs the Forces of Evil

It's Bill...RUUUUNNN Can't wait for the next season of Gravity Falls this summer ☺️☺️☺️

I can only image Bill saying "Hello" and Fiddleford flipping the heck out

Bill Cipher Human

Human Bill by Ikimaru

Thanks Marco!

marco y star se aman!

I love these two, but i don't love them as a couple. I ship Star and Tom so hard it hurts, because u can tell he really tries to be better for her

The Forces of Evil (Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz)


And at that moment, yes, a Starco moment.

Tom Tom...I'm a burrito! This was back when I dated Tom!

Star vs the Forces of Evil - angel costume heart cheeks horns spatziline star butterfly tom lucitor tomstar