Данил DanLean

Данил DanLean

Данил DanLean
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Character by Naimane

This is one of like a billion directions we went into for our current animation project. In the end the main character ended up looking absolutely nothing like this, but it was fun exploring differ.

På et gennemrenoveret tørreloft i indre København bot kunstrådgiver og butiksindehaver af The Apartment, Tina Seidenfaden Busck.   Kom med på besøg når vi dykker ned i gamle Living features og (gen)besøger store personligheder i deres smukke hjem

Pink tufted velvet chaise lounge (vintage probably) - Beni Ourain Morrocan rug - Wall to wall bookshelves- Dark wood floors - Small living room / space. This would be a great attic reading space.

Dome Room Ceiling   Almost too elegant to be a home - must be a resort!

I would absolutely, without a doubt love to wake up every morning to drink my morning coffee/tea and eat my breakfast sitting down in this room, all while watching the sun rise. {Atrium ceiling and windows.