Danila Kormushin

Danila Kormushin

Солнце вышло из-за туч Нет на солнце пятен До чего же я хорош До чего приятен!
Danila Kormushin
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Bananarama. With the departure of original band mate  Siobhan Fahey there was a need to recruit new member Jacquie O' Sullivan. A second generation Banana's was born.

In 1988 when Siobhan Fahey quit Bananarama to form Shakespear's Sister , Keren and Sara asked Jacquie to join the group. They knew Jacquie.


The quote is, "Denim style icons: Bananarama. These girls made customised denim fashionable in the Would you wear it now?


madonna 1982 by richard corman and at that time it wasnt the coolest accessories, and things. it was just attitude and the new dance scene starting to evolve at that time.


Cindy Crawford: "Those cut off Levis helped make this commercial iconic! -This ad with Cindy Crawford uses subliminal perception to make consumers want to buy Pespi.

Alessio Bolzoni | Photography

Numéro China May 2015 Model: Zlata Mangafic Photographer: Alessio Bolzoni Fashion Editor: Vittoria Cerciello Hair: Marki Shrekli Make-up: Zenia Jaeger Numéro Magazine - Wikipedia Numéro is an .