How to glue canvas on a board at home

Some ordinary writing paper, cut to a size slightly smaller than your hardboard.

Laws of lighting in drawing - explanation by

Laws of lighting in drawing - explanation by artist Daniil Belov

Why an oil painting can take a year of work?

Oil Paintings

Umbrella for plein air painting and how to choose it

You need a cover for the umbrella to carry it on your shoulder. Usually the umbrella pole consists of several parts, which you should insert in each other.

What to take for outdoors oil painting

Oil Paintings

Palette in oil painting - how to use it

How To Use, Oil Paintings, Rainbows

What do I need to paint en plein air (for outdoors oil painting)

Oil Paintings

Artistic brushes for professional oil painting – which do I need

The hardest type of brushes for oil painting is bristle and the softest is synthetic. Synthetic brushes are good for laying paint in a thin, smooth layer without texture.

Shading, break of form and the laws of the lighting

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What is shading? Examples of shading on the sphere, cylinder and cube

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