Daniel Kalidas

Daniel Kalidas

Daniel Kalidas
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Dark Witch, House, Black, Black People, Haus

Fashion Mask, Sexy Photography, Masquerade Masks, Beautiful Eyes, Masquerades, Colour Black, Mystery, Hidden Identity, Hidden Beauty, Woman, Dark, Getting To Know, White People, Black People, The Mask, Masks, Gorgeous Eyes, Pretty Eyes, Masquerade

Occult, Darkness, Horror, Rocky Horror

Muscle Guys, Alpha Male, Sexy Guys, Sexy Men, Attractive Men, Male Body, Stylish Men, Male Models, Beautiful Men, Eye, Fotografia, Muscular Men, Horse Harness, Classy Men, Cute Guys, Attractive Guys, Muscle Men, Stylish Man, Style Men, Models, Hot Boys

Shiva, Secret Life, Skulls, Skull Art, Lord Shiva

Rebellious adjective defying or resisting some established authority government or tradition; inclined to rebel. Stark is a nod the the character Jim Stark played by James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause.