Дана Кужаниязова

Дана Кужаниязова

Дана Кужаниязова
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Fnaf 4- behind the trailer.. by karinchan97 on DeviantArt

i was watching Fnaf trailer, when all of a sudden this idea came to me. what was actually going on behind the trailer? Fnaf behind the trailer.

Five Nights At Mystery Shack by markmak on deviantART

OH MY GLOB! My two fav things combined together but I would want to be stuffed in a Foxy suit beacuse Foxes and Pirate's are badass like red-panda's. -Hadley Sellers-----Same! Lemmie be Foxy!

wait a minet.......-getting stuffed in suite- NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wait a minuet.-getting stuffed in suite- NO NO NO!(i need to make this a valentine xD)