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there are many different types of buttons on the table together, including one with a teddy bear
a person holding two bookmarks made to look like cats
the book is open and has three different earrings hanging from it's front end
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two heart shaped waffles are sitting on top of a pair of paper clips
there is a miniature wooden door with hearts on it
Sr Pérez
an assortment of items are laying on top of a white surface, including pens and paper clips
a person holding up some paper clips in their hand and wearing green nail polishes
the instructions for making heart shaped paper clips are shown in four different pictures, including one with
Marcador clip coração
a hand holding a pink bag with cupcakes and cookies on it next to flowers
Clips de papel decorado
there is a pink box with donuts on it and some paper clips next to it
a white plate topped with pink and blue pom poms next to a paper clip
a miniature tea cup on top of a card
a paper clip with pink flowers on it
three small hair clips sitting on top of an open planner
several different types of scissors sitting on top of each other next to some pink and white paper
Handmade bookmarks paper clip ribbon
an open book with a drawing of a woman's face on it and a tassel