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Сергей Попов
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agito666: “ agito666: “ nom nom doritos… ( i don’t play d.va tho lol. most of the time is support classes) ” nom.gif ”

“ “ nom nom doritos… ( i don’t play d. most of the time is support classes) ” nom.

Overwatch, D.Va, by 银质杯具

artist_request ass bangs bodysuit brown_eyes brown_hair bubblegum d.va_(overwatch) facial_mark gloves hands_on_own_ass headphones long_hair looking_at_viewer mecha overwatch pilot_suit solo whisker_markings white_gloves

Mei (D.Va cosplay)

biting blush bodysuit breast envy breasts brown eyes brown hair cosplay d.va (overwatch) d.va (overwatch) (cosplay) glasses gloves hair bun hair ornament hairpin highres instant ip large breasts lip biting mei (overwatch) mei (overwatch) (cosplay) m

How to make Finger Armor with Foam Sheets by *RuffleButtCosplay on deviantART

How to make finger armor using foam sheets. They are a little bulky, but the end result is really good for lightweight armor pieces.--could use some of the tips in here for a full suit of armor