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a jar filled with jelly beans next to a metal pipe and some confetti
How to Make a DIY Solar Lantern / Luminary Jar With Glass Gems
Up-cycle an old jelly jar into something useful and decorative for your backyard patio area! Gather Materials Needed for DIY Solar Lantern Empty jar (I used a small jelly jar.) Flat Glass Marbles (mine are from Dollar General Store) Solar Lamp (mine is from Dollar General Store) Hot Glue Gun E6000 Adhesive Attach Glass Marbles to Jar There are several different methods that you can try to attach the glass marbles to the glass jar... from my experience, I recommend using a com…
a stained glass ornament hanging from a window
How to Make a Chicken Wire Sun Catcher + 33 Sun Catcher Ideas
a white plate with a spray bottle on it
Easily Paint and Age a Silver Serving Tray
Easily Paint and Age a Silver Serving Tray –
a pile of old penns sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
Copper Penny Upcycled Into Buttons • Recyclart
20mm Copper Penny upcycled into original Buttons.
an ornament made from dollar store slippers is shown in three different pictures
Cheap Easy Dollar Store Gnome Christmas Tree Ornament DIY
a wooden spatula sitting on top of a can filled with liquid
31 Household Products You'll Never Have To Buy Again