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Topics, projects, and guest speakers the Grant Community High School's Canine Connection Club has or would like to use.
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Working K9-5 (Jobs Dogs Do)

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Enterprising Oregon Man Picks Up Local Canine Clients for Daycare in a Bright Yellow Doggie School Bus

Pawfessionals (Careers with Dogs)

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Dogs in the Workplace

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Helping Paws (Service Dogs, Assistance Dogs, Therapy Dogs, and Comfort Dogs)

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Four essential questions to ask when choosing a puppy, and a checklist of tips for picking your new family member. Photo shows Bernese Mountain Dog puppy
Dogs - APBC

Choosing the Right Dog for You

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10 Dog Adoption Promos That Made Us LOL | ASPCApro
Thoughts to ponder for those who abandon dogs.

Opt to Adopt (Adoption, fostering, shelters, rescues)

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There's the financial costs and then there's the emotional payoff. A great reminder of the costs of people neglecting pets and what we can all do, for a small fee, to counterbalance. #rescuedogsarethebestdogs #rescuedogsrule #rescuedogsrock #shelterdogsrule #shelterdogsrock #shelterdog
It's important that your agreement goes into effect immediately upon your inability to care for your dog. (Morkie with money by Shutterstock)
The True Cost Of Owning A Dog 30 Dog Charts Every Dog Lover Should Have

The Cost of Canines

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Use clever, funny, punning names for charity auction baskets. Infographic.

Fundraising Ideas

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4-Pages Newsletter Template by kinzi21 | GraphicRiver
A newsletter template designed for Sunbrook Academy. Created using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop,  InDesign CS6.
Prayer Themed Church Newsletter Template

News Hound (Newsletters)

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Easy Origami Dog - Tutorial - How to make an easy origami Dog - YouTube

Arfs and Crafts

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dog event diy photo backdrops - Google Search


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Stray Dog is a great game that provides a fun and challenging activity for children that will entertain and engage the entire group.

Party Animal (parties for and about dogs)

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7 rainy day games to play with your dog #pets #dogs
Whether you’re stuck inside due to snow or spring showers in the coming weeks, these indoor dog games are perfect for keeping Fido active and occupied.

Doggone Fun (Toys and Games for Dogs )

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Farm Dog Certified Test – American Kennel Club
Creative Ways to Boost Canine Fitness - Infographic
Chute, Dog Walk, Jump

Mutts on the Move (Sports and Recreational Activities for Dogs)

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Does your Dog sleep in your bed? How many hours of sleep does your dog really need? What can you do to help your dog sleep better?All of these questions are answered (and more), Even learn common Dog Sleep Disorders and how to identify them!
Dog sleeping positions From your friends at phoenix dog in home dog training"k9katelynn" see more about Scottsdale dog training at! Pinterest with over 18,400 followers! Google plus with over 120,000 views! You tube with over 400 videos and 50,000 views!! Serving the valley for 11 plus years!!
Ever wondered … "Why is my dog sleeping in bed with me when she has her OWN bed?" We look at the reasons why your bed is better.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (All about dogs and sleep)

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The top ten books on Companion Animal Psychology in 2020. The top four titles are pictured: Wag, The Cautious Canine, From Fearful to Fear Free, and Doggie Language

Dog-earred books

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Top Dog Videos, Apps, and Websites

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Best Picks of Dog Father Movies | The Bark

Movie Mutts

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Famous Dogs in History

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On Angels' Wings, in Crystal Lake, was a guest speaker for us.  They have a resale shop to raise money for the pet rescue, adoptions, and humane education they do.  They also have a pet food pantry.
NBRAN - National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network This is where we got our remarkable Brittany, JoJo.

Bow Wow Businesses, Shelters, Rescues, and Organizations

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Dog Daycare | The Bark

Dog Daycare

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a poster with the words use clever names for auction baskets to be funny word play is good
Auction Basket Names Sheet
Use clever, funny, punning names for charity auction baskets. Infographic.
two origami dogs standing next to each other
Easy Origami Dog - Tutorial - How to make an easy origami Dog
Easy Origami Dog - Tutorial - How to make an easy origami Dog - YouTube
Parties, Design, Brunch, Dog Gift Basket, Dog Gift Baskets, Puppy Gift Basket, Dog Lover Gifts, Dog Gifts, Dog Owners
18 Things Under $15 To Put In Dog Gift Baskets - Earning and Saving with Sarah
an airplane made out of circles sitting on top of a sheet of paper with glue
How to Make a Punch Box Party Game - created by v.
a dog's treat basket is shown on a table
photos of gift baskets for your pets | Pet Gift Baskets Orlando Florida-Gift Baskets for the Pet Lover
a gift basket filled with wine, liquor and snacks for someone's special occasion
Bella Vino Gifts
Dog themed gift basket
a basket filled with toys and snacks on top of a table
Gift Baskets of Wine, Food, Fruit, & More | Gourmet Gift Baskets
Welcome a new furry buddy home in style with the Bark Buster Gift Basket. Sure to be the delight of your favorite new pet, this basket includes plenty of treats for Fido - along with some tasty Too Good Gourmet cookies for his new humans! -- Julianna
a blue bucket filled with toys on top of a table
A Welcome Basket for Doobie!
New Puppy Welcome Basket - DolledUpDesign
a basket filled with lots of different items
Ultimate Pampered Dog Gift Basket
Ultimate Pampered Dog Gift Basket
a dog themed gift basket with stuffed animals
Congrats on Your New Pooch!: Pet Dog Gift Basket
Congrats on your new pooch basket - so cute. New additions to the family should be recognized! save for gift ideas!
a stuffed animal sitting in a basket filled with snacks and condiments to give as a gift
Virtually Everything By Kavalon on
Pet Gift Baskets
a blue and white basket filled with snacks
Pet Transport Blog | PetRelocation
pet travel gift basket
a basket filled with lots of items on top of a table
Fill a Puppy’s Stocking with Milk-Bone® Dog Treats #ILoveMyK9 #CBias
Inspiration: New/first Puppy Gift Baskets. A Kitten one would be great too (litter box as the "basket")
a dog's care basket is displayed on a table
silent auction gift basket ideas | silent auction ideas | University of…