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Donnie's journal! Awwww

Donnie's so cute the way he looks after his bro's. Yet despite being protective he always has that sensitive, scared side that's another reason I love him, hes sooo cute.

Finding Nemo

Disney & Pixar - Finding Nemo - Nemo & Gill - Translation: Gill "What does he mean 'play'? Guess I'll just give him a piggyback ride" Nemo "Wow I'm so high up!" Marlin "I'm just a puny little man anyway.

Pokemon - Shiny Mega Gardevoir by mmmegh

Shiny Mega Gardevoir looks like it's ready to go to an art museum for the unveiling of a new artifact, or maybe a formal dress party with visiting dignitaries. Either way, that's some fancy getup!