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All things summer—places to travel, beautiful pictures, and suggestions to make this summer the best yet!
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Graphic explaining insurance for summer activities like road trips and hosting an event, from Cross Insurance Agency Outdoor, Summer, Summer Fun, Trip, Activities, Dirtbikes, Explore Outdoors, Insurance, Car Insurance
Protect Summer Activities
Stay safe during all your summer activities with special insurance for every occasion. It's not required, but it is highly recommended—contact us to get your choice of carriers and policies! #insurance #summer #CrossInsuranceAgency #roadtrip #ATV #boats #wedding #wedding insurance
Travel Insurance
Do you really need travel insurance? Depends on the trip! 🗺️ Click the pin to see if your next vacation needs insurance or not! #travel #vacation #insurance #CrossInsuranceAgency
4 summer safety tips (and images) from Cross Insurance Agency about preventing summer incidents and avoiding filing a claim. Learning, Lower, Fun, Risk, Disasters, Safety Tips, Summer Safety
Summer Safety Tips
Nobody wants to file an insurance claim, especially after a bad accident. Summer safety is no laughing matter—follow these summer safety tips to avoid a disaster (and a costly claim)! #summer #safety #safetyskills #safetytips
A graphic listing 4 safety tips for the 4th of July, from Cross Insurance Agency. 4th Of July, 4th Of July Party, Backyard Barbeque, 4thofjuly, July Party, Safety Topics
4th of July Safety Topics
Whether you're hosting a backyard barbeque or a huge 4th of July party, use some safety tips to keep you and your guests free from harm. Click the pin to learn more about safety, and have a Happy Independence Day! #4thofjuly #4thofjulyparty #independenceday #independencedaydrawing
Events to Host This Summer
Did you know you can insure events? You can! 🎉 And summer's the perfect time to host one. Use our list of fun event ideas to get planning, and click the pin to see how you can insure your event. #event #summer #insurance #CrossInsuranceAgency
Pool Safety Tips
Your swimming pool might be beautiful, but is it safe? Both inground and above ground pools can be dangerous for kids and adults alike. 🏊 Learn our 8 safety tips by clicking the pin! #swim #swimmingpool #swimmingpooldesign #backyardpool #childsafety #babysafety
the best diy yard games for kids
Do it Yourself Outdoor Party Games {The BEST Backyard Entertainment DIY Projects}
Do it Yourself Outdoor Party Games {The BEST Backyard Entertainment DIY Projects Tutorials} Giant versions of the most popular games! Perfect for Barbecues, Backyard Cookout Parties and Father's Day Celebrating!
4 pictures of going on adventures with text saying, "Road trip tips" from Cross Insurance Agency. Tips, Road, Road Trip Hacks
5 Road Trip Tips
Use these 5 tips to have a safe, fun summer road trip that you'll remember forever! #summer #roadtrip #car #CrossInsuranceAgency #tips
diy mosquito repellent candles in mason jars with lemons and basil leaves
How To Make DIY Mosquito Repellent Candles
Summer Safety
Using your boat or motorcycle in the summer is a privilege, but don't neglect safety. Check out our top safety tips on our website by clicking on the pin! #boat #motorcycle #insurance #safety #summer #CrossInsuranceAgency
A white family in blue standing in front of crashing ocean waves at the beach promoting vacation tips from Cross Insurance Agency.
Summer Vacation
Your summer vacation is going to be amazing regardless, but it helps to be prepared beforehand. Try our packing tips to prepare for every eventuality—have a great road trip! #summer #packinglist #checklist #vacation #familyvacation
Make the Most of Summer
Need fun activities now that summer has started? Look no further than this short guide! For more ideas, check out our blog! #summer #fun #CrossInsuranceAgency
National Road Trip Day
It's National Road Trip Day! Whether you're an avid road trip planner or perfer a go-with-the-flow vibe, use our tips to ensure your trip is safe and fun! #roadtrip #travel #nationalroadtripday #car #CrossInsuranceAgency Here are a few of our tips to have a great road trip: • Pack a first aid kit, STRONG flashlights, and extra medications • Bring extra cash • Look up weird stuff to see on your route (if nothing else, it'll make for freat photos!) • Create a playlist beforehand Want more ideas? Visit our blog to learn more:
the top ten healthy summer snacks
100 Healthy Summer Snacks
100 Healthy Summer Snacks #healthysnacks #snacks #summer #summerfood #recipes #appetizers