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Boat on open water near mountains promoting Boat Protection and how to cover boat claims, from Cross Insurance Agency Boat Insurance, Boat Safety, Flood Damage, Insurance Agency, Insurance Agent, Medical Billing, Water Skiing, Insurance Policy, Fishing Equipment
Boat Protection
What sort of protection do you need in case of a boating accident? Let's review the most common claims and how you can get coverage for them! #boat #boating #boats #insurance #CrossInsuranceAgency
Boat vs Yacht
What makes a boat a "yacht"? We explain the difference! Just click on the pin to learn when a boat's a yacht! #boats #boating #yacht #sailingyacht
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Boat Insurance Options
Don't settle for lackluster boat insurance—you've got options. Read our blog to find out insurance tips; click on the pin to learn more! #boat #boating #summer #insurance
Boat Insurance in the Off Season
Do you need boat insurance in the off season? We say yes, and here's why: • You'd be covered if your boat is stolen or vandalized • You'd be covered for damage during natural diasters • You'd be covered for liability claims • Got questions? Check out our blog to learn more:
a man standing next to a boat with the title homemade fiberglass boat cleaner tips and recipes
5 Clever DIY Fiberglass Boat Cleaner Ideas
a man sitting on the driver's seat of a boat with text overlay reading essentials for your family boating kit
BOAT KIT: Make Your Next Family Outing Easier | Bre Pea
a woman in blue shirt and white pants working on a boat with other boats behind her
Secrets to a Clean Boat
Secrets to a Clean Boat | Power & Motoryacht
an inflatable boat is labeled with the parts labelled
Competent crew skills: mooring lines - Safe Skipper Boating & Safety Afloat Apps for phones & tablets
Competent crew skills: mooring lines - Safe Skipper Boating & Safety Afloat Apps for phones & tablets
the new boat checklist is being displayed in front of an image of a sailboat
New Boat Checklist - The Boat Galley
a woman sitting on top of a boat in the ocean with text overlay reading 10 boat organization hacks for the summer
10 Boat Organization Hacks for the Summer
the inside of a boat with text overlay that reads 10 things that make life aboard even better
10 Things that Make Life Aboard Even Better
These ten items will take living on a boat from "okay" to "WOW! I love this!" Things to make it more comfortable and more fun.
two children on a paddle boat with text overlay top 5 family boating essentials
Family Boating: Create lasting memories ⋆ Exploring Domesticity
Family Boating: Create lasting memories ⋆ Exploring Domesticity
the words must have boat day essentials list
Must Have Boat Day Essentials List
a motor boat is speeding across the water
What type of insurance do I need for my boat?
If your home insurance does provide marine insurance, it’s important to ask what type of coverage is included. Most home insurance policies that have some type of marine insurance included only offer coverage when operating the boat on inland waterways, small lakes, and rivers.