Honshu, Japan

House on the Rock (Malaysia)! Noteworthy in this building that the reach of this House can only be with the neighboring rocks, built specially for this lift.

Mt.Fuji, Japan

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Hirosaki Castle in Spring. Japan - (By Glenn Waters) | Travel This World | Bloglovin'

Hirosaki Castle in Spring. Japan - (By Glenn Waters) (Travel This World)

Wanderlust // Adventure // World Travel Destinations & Inspiration // Grutas de Tolantongo natural hot springs in Hidalgo, Mexico.

Lotus flowers at Mimurotoji temple in Kyoto, Japan

Lotus flowers at Mimuroto-ji Temple in Kyoto, Japan. Lotus are my fav flower

Matsumoto Castle, Japan 幻想の烏城

For the next 280 years until the abolition of the feudal system in the Meiji Restoration, the castle was ruled by the 23 lords of Matsumoto representing six different daimyo families.

Fire ramen at Men Baka Ichidai, Kyoto, Japan

“Idiot for Noodles”, Kyoto Ramen You Won’t Forget _ Then it was my turn. This flaming ramen is called negi ramen (ネギらめん), or “scallion ramen” _ Pretty -- Men-Baka Ramen Restaurant (めん馬鹿) -- Kyoto, Japan -- Copyright 2013 Jeffrey Friedl

Japanese festive meal for the new year, Osechi

Osechi ryōri is the traditional Japanese New Year’s cuisine. Osechi ryōri consists of several dozen elaborate dishes prepared in advance and served cold in layered lacquer boxes called jūbako.

Giant snow walls on Hakkoda Walk, Japan (by Mihai Japan).

People don't think of snow when they think of Japan. Can't imagine this in the United States - "Giant snow walls on Hakkoda Walk, Japan" (by Mihai Japan).