Lace Arrows 1 - Knittingfool Stitch Detail

Lace Arrows 1 - Multiple of 7 stitches - Knittingfool Stitch Detail

eyelet-lace-stitches | Knitting Stitch Patterns

The Openwork Diamond stitch is a lace stitch that is knitted in a multiple of 10 sts, + 6 and repeat.

Knitting Stitch Patterns - Lace Knitting: Ginkgo Leaf stitch. Free

From the most basic stitches to the most complex, there are countless beautiful patterns for you to choose from that surely you will love.

How to knit the Shell Lace stitch. Pattern includes written instructions and video tutoral

FREE Written instructions for Shell Lace stitch. The Shell lace stitch is really fun to knit whether you are an experienced knitter or you are new lace knitter.

Knitted in a multiple of 8 sts, + 2 and 16-row repeat.  Row 1: K1, * yo, ssk, k6; repeat from * last st, k1.  Row 2 & all wrong side rows...

Lacy Heart Curtain pattern is ideal for a sweater, scarf, cowl or blanket. Knitted in a multiple of 8 sts, + 2 and repeat.

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