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a ceramic sculpture made to look like a woman's face with flowers on her head
two decorative vases sitting next to each other in a garden filled with flowers and plants
Mosaic planters | Mosaic planters | Made on a base of garden pots assembled into the shape of a 'sort of' lady. Inspired by Cleo Mussi and Mary McMahon.
a figurine made out of many different types of objects
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a rabbit made out of stained glass sitting on top of a white table next to red flowers
a pink vase with many different designs on it's sides and a rose in the center
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this is an image of a ceramic artwork
a white plate with a statue on it sitting on top of a wooden table next to a wall
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there is a heart shaped mosaic with flowers and leaves on the side, sitting on a fur surface
a vase with flowers on it sitting next to a wall
a stained glass plate with an animal figurine on it
a ceramic cat head with blue eyes and floral designs on it's face, sitting on a table