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aliciangreenpoetry: “im-vertical: “Cup of Sea By Tiago Saraiva ” “On mornings like these I wish I could scoop up the sea Into my coffee cup So instead of being halfway around the world You’d be just.

чашка волшебного чая

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I really like the vintage quality that this image possesses. The composition of the mermaid, scuba diver and shark is perfect. It really makes me wonder the story behind the mermaid and the scuba diver

Philip Igumnov

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Like most dreams, for anyone, they are very confusing. Weird things happen, and nothing makes sense. Things like that happened in every dream Carmella had. At first the just seemed like dreams, but them they turned into reality. In part.

The quasar at the end of Route It took 20 highway restoration crews three months to clear the damage. An explicable event horizon lingered off the shoulder of the road but dissipated in time, and all false flux readings were eventually nullified.