Whole Food Plant-Based Recipes

Here you'll find a collection of whole food plant-based recipes that are easy, simple, and made with clean ingredients. Explore delicious options for breakfast…
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grilled mushrooms on the grill with text overlay that reads, marinated grilled mushrooms for summer bbqs
Vegan Grilled Mushrooms
Discover the magic of grilled mushroom skewers! Baby Bella mushrooms absorb the garlic-parsley marinade beautifully. Cook them in a grill pan or on the grill for a mouthwatering vegan dish that’s sure to impress.
three ingredient grilled cauliflower on a plate with lemons in the background
Whole Grilled Cauliflower
Elevate your grilling game with this easy whole grilled cauliflower. Grilled until perfectly tender and served with a bright lemon ginger sauce, it’s a versatile and eye-catching dish that fits right on the grill.
the ingredients for soft and flexible red lentils wraps
Healthy Red Lentil Wraps
Craving a healthy wrap option? Try my high-protein red lentil wraps! Made with just two ingredients, these homemade wraps are vegan, gluten-free, and super flexible. Perfect for meal prep, they're a nutritious alternative to traditional tortillas. Simple, clean, and tasty!
the ingredients for soft and flexible quinoa wraps
Gluten-Free Wraps Recipe
Upgrade your wrap game with my homemade quinoa wraps! These quinoa tortillas are made with just two ingredients and are naturally gluten-free. Super pliable and perfect for all your favorite fillings, they come together effortlessly in a blender. Delicious and versatile!
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Rustic Italian Vegetable Bake - Monkey and Me Kitchen Adventures
1 hour · VeganGluten free · Serves 4-5This tasty and comforting Rustic Italian Vegetable Bake is easy to make, ultra-satisfying, and brimming with feel good ingredients and flavors. Whole Food Plant Based, vegan, plant based, oil free…
🥜🍜Colorful Vegan Rainbow Peanut Noodles | Healthy, Easy and Flavorful 🌈
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45 Whole-Food, Plant-Based Recipes That Are Clean (but Taste Naughty)