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a quote that says if you sneeze and far at the same time, your body takes a screenshot
there is a quote on the back of a green background that says overheard child singing he's makin'a list, chicken and rice
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a blue background with the words ramen - sooby do finishing a prayer
a black and white photo with the words, why are hallways in psychiatric hospitals called halfway? shouldn't they be called psychic paths?
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two potatoes are standing on the street corner how can you tell which one is the prostitue? it has a sticker that says idaho
a sign that says, did you know that dammit'm mad? spelled backwardss is damnit i'm mad
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it really does..
a woman holding a present in her hands with the words i love getting a present labeled from mom & dad and you know damn well
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a woman's heart is in the middle of her poem
the text reads i just ran into best buy to get some batteries, the kid at the counter asked me for my phone number and zip code
Jenny & 90210
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a black and white photo with the words, how old were you when you learned that bar's stood for beer & alcohol room?
a black and white photo with the words how old were you when you learned the game tag stands for touch and go i was today years old
the text reads, earlier today i saw a bumper sticker that said'i'm
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the words i bet aliens ride past earth and lock their doors on a black background
a white van driving down a street next to a parking lot filled with parked cars
YOU DIE AND YOU'RE NOT LEAVING ANYONE YOUR SHIT. Damn straight - Damn straight - America’s best pics and videos
the text reads, after my funeral i want one of my friends to take my phone and text everyone thanks for coming
a chicken crossed the road and met james bond, the chicken said what's your name?
a sign that says, what kind of sandals do frogs wear? open toad
150+ Best Summer Letter Board Quotes (The Ultimate List)
a cartoon character with the words what is the german word for constiption?
a sign that says what do you call two octopuses that look the same
Dad Joke 11
an image of a cartoon character with the quote if the stuff that comes out of my mouth scares you, just think of all the things i keep to myself
Lynne, these ideas are so you - lynettesmith@gmail.com - Gmail
Lol,  happy mothers day @StephyLee72 Sarcasm Quotes
Lol, happy mothers day @StephyLee72
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a poem written in black and white on a red background with the words fucky
the words i don't bottle my feelings the pharmacy does on a white background