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an open laptop computer sitting on top of a white desk next to a bottle and pen
17.03.2016 // starting off the day reviewing flashcards on British politics. Will then move onto reviewing functions and writing cover letters for my internship applications! Hope everyone has a productive day! x
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[ 15.3.16 ] day 13 of 100
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Tax is theft whether you agree with its implementation or not.
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In the utopian (dystopian?) future projected by technological visionaries, few people would have to work. Wealth would be generated by millions upon millions of sophisticated machines. But how would people earn a living?
an open laptop computer sitting on top of a desk next to a candle and notebook
rs *-*
Jeff x annie gifset per episode: Home Economics
a poster with two men in different colors and numbers on it, one has an image of
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a cartoon drawing of a man sitting on top of a mailbox with an evil looking face in the background
Martin Rowson on George Osborne and the budget – cartoon
several papers are stacked on top of each other in order to fill out their answers
why is there so much ahhh😪 this isn’t even half what even
the sky is filled with pink clouds over some houses and trees in front of them
20.03.16 - the sky was super pretty today!
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Who is Setting The “I” In Economize?