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Top Renewable Energy Tech to Watch in 2024
We run down the top renewable energy technologies we'll be keeping an eye on in 2024.
Competition to Create World's Most Efficient Solar Car
The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, held every two years, pits teams of young engineers against one another in a 3,000km race through the Australian outback.
Test-Driving the 100% Electric Arc One Speedboat
We visited Long Beach, California, to get our hands on the Arc One, a limited-edition luxury speedboat powered by two huge battery packs and cooled by the surrounding water.
How Mark Rober's DNA Nerf Guns Could Lead to Medical Breakthroughs
Mark Rober explains his yearlong odyssey to break the world record for world's smallest Nerf gun five times, culminating in one made out of DNA that could pave the way for medical breakthroughs.
You Might Not Need Open Brain Surgery to Get Mind Control
Synchron has developed a Brain-Computer Interface that uses pre-existing technologies such as the stent and catheter to allow insertion into the brain without the need for open brain surgery.
MIT's Inflatable Robotic Hand
For a price of $500 to create? Why not?
WTF: Holograms at Light Field Labs
Having a conversation with a hologram sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but Silicon Valley start-up Light Field Lab has managed to create a real, talking hologram that could totally change the entertainment landscape.
Using Solar-Powered AI Sensors to Detect Wildfires Earlier
Dryad Networks is making solar-powered sensors that can recognize wildfires early. The setup uses machine learning and alerts first responders.
A 3D-Printed Home You Can Recycle
We've seen a lot of 3D-printed houses that are billed as a way to reduce construction waste, but only one that's designed to be recyclable.
a forest fire is burning in the distance
Electronic Nose 'Smells' Wildfires for Ultra-Early Detection
You Can Buy This Electric Flying Car for Under $100,000
We had a chance to see the Jetson One flying machine during its stop in Southern California. Here's what we learned.
WTF: Jet Shark Prototype Is Like Flying Underwater
What looks like a James Bond getaway vehicle and can "fly" underwater? It's the aptly named Jet Shark.
WTF: $17,750 Underwater Jetpack Made By CudaJet
CudaJet calls their underwater jetpack a luxury superyacht toy and the $17,750 price tag reflects that.
a person swimming in the water with some seaweed
Hands-On With Insta360 X3 and Invisible Dive Case