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Hands On with Spacetop the AR Laptop
Spacetop is a laptop with AR glasses instead of a screen, and we got our hands on it at AWE 2024 in Long Beach. Tap the link for our full hands on.
The Future of AR/VR Beyond Apple Vision Pro
We saw a lot of promising AR/VR technology at Augmented World Expo but it's not really here yet. Why? Our phones. CNET AR/VR expert Scott Stein explains the future of this emerging tech.
Viture Pro XR Review: A Great Upgrade to One of Our Favorite Display Glasses
Larger, brighter and smoother displays make all the difference, but a couple of its extra accessories help complete the picture.
Fujifilm X100VI Camera Review: A Good iPhone Photographer's Companion
Looking to go beyond your iPhone and buy a dedicated camera? CNET expert Patrick Holland used the Fujifilm X100VI over three weeks while traveling from San Francisco to New York to try it out. Turns out, it wasn't about replacing the phone but complementing it. Tap to watcg the full video.
Click's $140 Keyboard iPhone Case: Turns Your iPhone Into a Blackberry
Getting qwerty with it. The Android version can't come soon enough.
Testing Samsung's S95D Glare-Free TV
The Samsung S95D's matte finish does more than reduce reflections, it nearly eliminates them. Tap the link for more details. 👀📺
Sonos Ace Headphones Review: Top New Headphones of 2024 With a Few Caveats
While Sonos' first headphones are rather pricey at $449 -- and first and foremost, they turn out to be Bluetooth, not Wi-Fi headphones -- their swanky design, impressive sound quality and excellent noise canceling, make them a top headphone for 2024. Should you buy them instead of models from Bose, Sony and Apple? Tap the link to watch CNET editor David Carnoy's full review.
Use This $50 Gadget to Block Apps on Your iPhone: The Brick
Don’t have self control when it comes to doomscrolling on social media? Well, this $50 gadget is here to help by blocking certain apps to reduce your iPhone screen time. 📲
Not a Kindle Paperwhite. Meet Daylight's $729 DC1 Computer
The Daylight is an e-Ink style black and white tablet that costs nearly twice as much as an iPad at $729. Daylight DC1 was designed to “foster a healthier relationship with technology” by paring down notifications and replacing blue-light with a soothing amber backlight.
Unboxing the Viture Pro XR Glasses
Display glasses let you bring a portable monitor with you for gaming on-the-go 🎮🖥️ Come unbox the new XR Pro glasses from Viture with us, with some bonus limited-edition accessories.
Bose SoundLink Max Review: Impressive Sound and Design, but It's Pricey
The company's new flagship portable Bluetooth speaker sounds great for its size and it's both sleek and durable. But is it worth $399? Tap the link to watch our Executive Editor's, David Carnoy, review.
Apple M4 iPad Pro & M2 iPad Air Review
Apple's highest-end iPad introduces features Macs don't even have yet. It makes CNET expert Scott Stein wonder, more than ever, why there's a line between iPads and Macs at all. Tap the 🔗 to watch the full review video.
Unboxing the New Apple Pencil Pro and Magic Keyboard
To go along with its new iPads, Apple announced these two accessories. Would you buy them? Tap the link to watch our full review.
Unboxing Apple's New $999 iPad Pro
We got our hands on the new M4 iPad Pro, Apple's "thinnest product ever." Unbox it with us and see just how thin it is. Tap the link to watch our full review.
TCL Debuts 115-inch TV for $20,000
TCL announced a massive, eye-catching and eye-wateringly expensive 115-inch mini-LED TV as well as a 98-inch QM851. Here’s a first look at these two new TVs. Tap the link for the full video.