Arctic monkeys<3

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a man in a leather jacket is looking at the camera and has his hand over his shoulder
alex turner being a silly
a man with long hair and a moustache on his face that says i elongated my
Cornerstone (Alex Turner)
the man is talking to someone in front of him that says, when your friend starts driving at 1 50mph and says i loved her bro
#arcticmonkeys #alexturner #freeyellamo
two texts that are being shared on the same cell phone, one has an email message
i would fall for it
an image of a man singing on stage with the words i'm screaming teddy picker just came on the radio but my sister changed the station so she should listen to flowers by miley
Hot British Men, Different Feelings, Literally Me, Derpy Cats, Whisper, Little Liars
whisper 🎸
a person holding up a cell phone with the caption me when he's british, twice my age, a rockstar, has brown fluffy hair, a pretty smile,
yk who im talkin abt
a man in black jacket giving the thumbs up with text that reads me listening to baby i'm yours after you're so dark to replenish and reinstate my
doing it rn 😭😭
three young men standing next to each other with the words, every arctic monkeys song is just
#arcticmonkeys” #lol
a quote from alex turner on the screen
Ahah Alex is the best