Flor com papel crepom e miçangas peroladas

We are used to give flowers when celebrating with friends and family. What about sending a bunch of original flowers made from sweets, neatly packaged in a delicate paper?

Ромашки от Иришки: делаем цветы из фоамирана - Ярмарка Мастеров - ручная работа, handmade

ФОМ ЭВА- пластичная замша от компании ФОАМИРАН. РЕВЕЛЮР, "

Делаем гвоздику из фоамирана #diy #tutorial #fom

Another scalloped circle to start with (one with very few scallops), color edges, fringe the edges only, scrunch and twist, open and layer.

Цветы и мастер-классы из фоамирана. - Nebka.Ru

I want to use the same technical idea but make them so you can eatable to use on a cake.