"Shit happens" Phrase Minimalist Tattoo

36 Minimalist tattoos ideas you must see

bc shit sometimes happens but i'm always here for you

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noora being cute

only friend

"stop walking around like a fucking cliche"~ Noora (Skam)


skam pics on

O look it's my mum and dad

Skam Josefine Noora

Skam Josefine Noora

Noora and William - Skam

Imagen de gif, skam, and evak

gif, skam, and evak

They are beautiful...

Eva and Chris

Josefine Frida Pettersen

tv show, skam and noora saetre image on We Heart It

Ur sweet kisses made my day Veen boy

True love #William #penetrator #Skam #Noora

noora and william

Herman Tømmeraas

ok but herman/chris tho

skam pics on Twitter: "https://t.co/uo2gCAMTBl"

skam pics on

noora and vilde.

noora x william

(Before they get together) I sit at the lunch table with my friends, staring off into space while I listen to them. I sip my water and look at my phone when it buzzes


Love her hair colour

SKAM | СТЫД | ojaaaaaaa

SKAM | СТЫД | ojaaaaaaa