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Handmade Oak Wooden Sconce - Wall Lamps Sconces - SC Sconce Wooden wall lamp with a simple functional design. This lamp has two options: switch is located aside, or with wire. Made of OAK with an accent on natural wood texture.

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ツ by iSantano - Boekenwurmen opgelet! 10 super originele ideetjes om jouw boeken in op te bergen!


Pretty neat idea, but omg, the dusting. Decorative Room Dividers Made of Plastic Pipes, Modern Interior Design Ideas

Hegemonikon. Ganador del Concurso SukkahVille 2012 en Toronto. Obra de Christina Zeibak y Daphne Dow

Image 11 of 14 from gallery of Sukkahville Design Competition Winning Exhibition: 'Hegemonikon' / Christina Zeibak and Daphne Dow. Courtesy of Christina Zeibak and Daphne Dow

5osA: [오사] :: '5osa' 카테고리의 글 목록

Located in a building that was originally a synagogue and later a small cinema, the Dogs & Tails bar and café by Ukrainian practice Sergey Makhno Architects is set to become a new gastro-trend of Kiev.


Could be used to make a fort or something. pvc pipe installation by Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann - Would be even better using lightweight and earth/human-friendly ECOR!