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This ad for Mr.Clean is targeted for an older audience of young adults to senior citizens. This technique is very effective because it shows how that one line on the cross walk is completely white, and the rest are stained and dirty. Another reason of why it is effective is because many people walk by it everyday, and that bright whiteness of the line will catch the attention of many people.

This ad is for Kit Kat, which is targeted for everyone. This technique is effective because some people sit on the bench and take a minute to look at their surroundings. This can cause them to crave for a kit kat bar, along with people who pass by this bench. Another reason why this is effective is because it is big and bold and many people pass by it and actually take time to look at it.

This ad is for watches, and it is targeted for men of a middle aged group. This technique is effective because it is used everyday by many people who are in a rush, which is a good place to put the ad considering its a watch. Another reason why it is effective is because you can actually, in a way, try the product on and see how it looks on you.