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Ultraviolence - Crime for revenge

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10 Stage Fright Emily Beber Phoebe Blatton Habib William Kherbek Sarah M Harrison ButchCamp Mira Mattar Tai Shani & Maya Lubinsky Natalia Goncharova Issue No.

bowi: “Punk fans during the last days of Erics club on Mathew street,Liverpool in

punk rock women of the 70's - Yahoo Image Search Results

Punk Fashion - consisted of young alientated teens wearing messy baggy ripped up clothes. Boys normally wore balck leather and girls wore micro minis with black fishnet stockings. (Survey of Historic Costume)

King’s Road Punks ‘82 from Punk! Lives (#6)

“ King’s Road Punks from Punk! Lives ( ” "There’s too many police around so we can’t get paid any photo money" It seems some of those second generation punks were.

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