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Умелые ручки

I remember making one of these dresses in High School Home Ec class. (No link to instructions )

Modelli invernali per maglieria. Discussione sulla LiveInternet - Russo Servizi online Diaries

шапочка с зимним узором Snowy village hat and chart,at the bottom of a page of fun Christmas charts,probably cross-stitch so will stretch vertically when knitted.

Sew top of jeans onto skirt material

Sew top of jeans onto skirt material. I used an old pair of jeans & an old skirt. Its so much easier with an old skirt just make sure you get the hemline correct before you sew it together. (BW) perfect for those too short girls skirts too!

Жаккардовый берет-вяжется по кругу спицами


Пушистый пуловер спицами с жаккардовым узором | вязание(жаккард,вышивка) | Постила