DIY How to make large tissue paper flowers

How to make tissue paper flowers Hello! :) I am back with another Inspirational Monday on diy flower series. This week is about making DIY tissue paper flowers. Love how dimensional .

The EASIEST way to make DIY marquee letters! So excited to start on this project. Love fabulous marquee letters!

Easy DIY Marquee Letters

The EASIEST way to make DIY marquee letters! This includes directions to make the project from a kit, but it would be possible to do this with som cardboard, hole puncher, poster paper, and white Christmas lights.

DIY Marquee Letters

DIY Letter Ideas & Tutorials

DIY Marquee Letters -- It’s been on my craft to-do list for a long time now and today I’m sharing an easy way to make your own. I have to admit my procrastination on making marquee letters is mainly due to not wanting to pull out the drill.

動きのあるポーズを描く時に)ry [1] もっと見る

Japanese tutorial on drawing poses in motion (p. Title says "What is contrapposto (counterpose)?

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