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This is just a gallery of Taoism related pictures. For more info on Taoism, search in Facebook for @cclyetaoism.
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Three Pure Ones (San Qing)

24 Pins

Taoist Pantheon

15 Pins

Highest Elder Lord (Tai Shang Lao Jun)

17 Pins

Jade Emperor (Yu Huang Dadi)

8 Pins

Queen Mother of the West

13 Pins

Empress Mother Earth

5 Pins

Goddess of Sea (Mazu)

12 Pins

Emperor of Dark Heaven (Xuan Tian Shangdi)

18 Pins

Emperor of Highest Palace of Polaris

3 Pins

Emperor of Middle Heaven

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Taiyi Zhenren (太乙真人)
Taiyi Zhenren (太乙真人)

Lord Tai Yi

3 Pins

Primordial Gods of Creation

19 Pins

Fu Lu Shou or San Xing

4 Pins

Eight Immortals

3 Pins

Deities of War

43 Pins

Dragon Kings of Four Seas

8 Pins

Lady Mother of the Chariot

6 Pins

Celestial Deities

18 Pins

Monkey God

5 Pins

Wen Chang Dijun

7 Pins
Wong Tai Sin in Cantonese

Huang Daxian

2 Pins
Military door guardians

Door and Temple Guardians

5 Pins

Kitchen God

6 Pins
Stone tablets erected at dangerous spots to drive away evil

Earth Deities

9 Pins

God of Wealth (Cai Shen)

10 Pins