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Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore - Andre Gide Boxing Quotes, Ocean Quotes, Best Travel Quotes, Holiday Quotes, Wealth Affirmations, Law Of Attraction Tips, Travel Magazines, On The Rocks, Daily Inspiration Quotes
100 Best Travel Quotes and Saying - Thither
Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore - Andre Gide
the fishman jesus he teaches us to go and fish
The Fisherman – Jesus
Jesus wants us to bring more people into the knowledge of the kingdom of Christ. #LiftHimUp
a statue of the virgin mary in gold and silver with white cloth draped over her head
Miracle icon of Panagia Kamariotissa Samothrace: During the 9th century, there were two sets of fishermen who were at shore that seen a radiant bright light at sea. The fishermen decided to take two boats and go offshore to the radiant light, the reached the light and saw a canister, in the canister was this icon of Panagia. They first took it to one fisherman's home, and later decided to build a small church for the faithful to venerate this miracle icon
a painting of people on a boat in the ocean
You Will Get Wet
The Storm on the Sea of Galilee, 1633, Rembrandt ~ This painting was stolen in 1990. It has never been recovered.
the fisherman knows that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found
Tammy Tutterow Designs
Tammy Tutterow Quotes for Art | The fisherman knows that the sea is dangerous…
an inscription on the side of a brick wall
Edinburgh Leith fishermans prayer imbedded in path (Wil 5117)
a plaque with the words serenity prayer written in black ink on a green background
Fisherman's Serenity Prayer - Wood Sign SKU-875
the poem fisherman's prayer
Fisherman's Prayer Several Available
Fisherman's Prayer.... That I'll be big enough to keep!... #fisherman #fishing
a painting is hanging on the wall
This item is unavailable | Etsy
Vintage Sallman Framed Photo Sailor w/ Jesus Guiding Him- my Dad had this painting on our power troller boat in SE Alaska for many years -
an image of john newton with a quote on it
John Newton (1725-1807) Evangelical divine and hymn writer. Was an English sailor, in the Royal Navy for a period, and later a captain of slave ships. He became ordained as an evangelical Anglican cleric, served Olney, Buckinghamshire for two decades, and also wrote hymns, known for Amazing Grace and Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken.
an old poster with the words beware of female spas written in black and white
War History Online
After several Naval ships went down in surprise attacks during WWII it became clear that American enemies ascertained invaluable information about the position and course of the ships -- from the Navy sailors themselves. To heed warning these signs were hung in the the Navy Ship Yards warning men about female spies - attempting to coerce information from them. The warning gave way to a popular saying in the Navy urging men to keep their mouths shut; "loose lips sink ships." Photo: International