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a job interview is written in red and yellow with the words, job interview what are your strengths?
Interview tip
a job interview is written in red and yellow
Resume, note card of questions and answers never be caught looking unprepared! And note card with all the information you'll need if you ever have to fill out a application on the spot !! No problem wen your so prepared!
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List of Competency Based Interview Questions
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an interview question is shown in this poster
Interview Questions Decoded
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My favorite SALARY NEGOTIATION hacks 💰
Use these lines to GET PAID 💰
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JOB INTERVIEW ANSWER: Salary Expectations
Make sure you go into your next interview with your salary expectations in hand. Know your worth and what perks and benefits you're willing to negotiate. Research salaries in your field on Glassdoor and use this script to guide you! Happy interviewing!
a woman sitting at a desk with a keyboard and mouse in front of her, text reads how to respond to an offer with a low salary
Christian Lovell | PHR | CAREER COACH on Instagram: "Save this! Comment if I should re-release the Negotiations Guide! Before someone says it, YES I think the best time to ask about salary range is BEFORE you even interview. But life isn’t perfect! If you find yourself in a situation where the salary is lower than you expected, here’s how you can respond (remember every situation is different! Make sure you customize to your situation!) Dear [Name] Thank you for extending this offer and consid
How to answer "Do you prefer working alone or on a team?"