Ченцов Георгий

Ченцов Георгий

Moscow, Russia
Ченцов Георгий
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The Cinematography of “Blade Runner” Cinematographer: Jordan Cronenweth Won the 1983 BAFTA Film Award for Best Cinematography

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LIGHTING & LIGHTING..Inside Llewyn Davis Dir: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen DoP: Bruno Delbonnel Year: 2013

A still that by itself tells a story, from quite a dull movie - inside Llewellyn Davies. Unfortunately the somber well-done grading of this film, is attached to an unsympathetic lead character, and aimless plot.

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Love the cinematography. Nice grade & frame for daylight in shot Like the murky but slightly warm daylight in shots 4 Like the frame in shot with the wall taking alot of space on the left. Lighting great in shot [Red Riding 1974 DoP: Rob Hardy]