Шляпа-панамка - Выкройки детской одежды - Страна Мам

Translation from the original Russian: "Hat-panama - Patterns of children's clothing - Country Mom. Well, it's a pretty hat design for us grownups, too.


Instructions on making a true French beret. However my rusty French has gotten an upgrade this past year. Sewing is far easier than Knitting to translate directions.

Готовимся к зиме. Три варианта отличных шапок, которые не дадут вам замерзнуть. Простые выкройки теплой шапки ушанки, инструкции и фото


Preparing for the winter. Three different variants of caps that will not let you freeze. Simple patterns of warm hats with earflaps, instructions and photos

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Los sombreros de Panamá y los pantalones vaqueros + patrones.

Творческие идеи

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Головные уборы+выкройки – 13 фотографий

Головные уборы+выкройки – 13 фотографий

[무료패턴 모음] 실물패턴 / 여름 모자패턴 모음 / 모자만들기 참고하세요 :D : 네이버 블로그

[무료패턴 모음] 실물패턴 / 여름 모자패턴 모음 / 모자만들기 참고하세요 :D : 네이버 블로그